The Hard Truth- Pregnancy

The Hard Truth- Pregnancy

The Hard Truth: Pregnancy.

When I found out I was pregnant I was over the moon (as I’m sure most people are). We had been trying for a while so it was wonderful to find out we were going to be parents.

My pregnancy was great. I was so lucky. I didn’t suffer with morning sickness. I just got a bit of nausea when I was hungry, which is probably standard when I’m not pregnant!

I hadn’t prepared myself for the worry that comes with pregnancy though. Before every scan I would be filled with excitement and apprehension at the same time. The apprehension that the scan may pick up something we weren’t anticipating. I hadn’t mentally prepared myself for those feelings of fear.

In the last few months of my pregnancy I suffered with pelvic girdle pain, which resulted in me waddling like a penguin. The midwife informed me of this when I explained the discomfort I was experiencing. I looked it up online (as you do!) and found there was a lot of information, NCT being a particularly useful site on the issue.

Other than the “penguin waddle” though, pregnancy was a nice experience for me. I was lucky! My cousin on the other hand, was at the other end of the pregnancy spectrum. Unfortunately carrying her little angel wasn’t as pleasant an experience for her. She suffered with twelve weeks of severe morning sickness where she was unable to eat. She was even admitted to hospital with dehydration.

It goes to show that unfortunately there is no hard rule on what to expect I pregnancy. I would suggest that this isn’t a parent-specific rule either, but more a pregnancy-specific one. I know a few people who have had one great pregnancy and one awful one!

Just remember though, regardless of the pregnancy, at the end of it you will fall so head over heels in love nothing else in the world will matter.


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