The Hard Truth – The First Eight Weeks

The Hard Truth – The First Eight Weeks

The Hard Truth: The First Eight Weeks.

You will be well and truly familiar with the term ‘Groundhog Day’ by now.

 It’s a vicious cycle of sterilizing, feeding, changing nappies, washing, sleep deprivation and utter relief that you have kept your little bundle alive another day.

If it’s not bad enough that you’re awake every 2-3 hours feeding the baby, you will probably spend the hours in between those feeds just watching him breathe! I did and still do to be honest. In fact I woke the other night and he was in such a deep sleep that I couldn’t hear him breathing. I had to turn the light on and watch his chest. It may relieve you to know that its actually normal for babies to have irregular breathing occasionally (known as periodic breathing). There is a reassuring article at The Babycentre on baby’s breathing if you are concerned about this.

You will probably find you are googling everything under the sun. I got told off for this, but how are you supposed to educate yourself at 2am when other civilized people are sleeping?!

You will have wrinkles you never had before. That planned exercise regime will have been well and truly sidelined for now, and you will probably have eaten the most take-away meals you have ever had in your life!

All this is probably painting a miserable picture, but in these eight weeks you will have seen your baby grow considerably. More importantly you will have created an unbreakable bond with your new best friend!

I know that every child is different, but I found that at about week eight things started to get a bit easier than they had been in previous weeks.

Sleeping patterns will lengthen, and if they don’t then your body will have adjusted to functioning on less sleep anyway, so it wont be as hard anymore. Also, your body will start to feel normal again. It won’t be back to pre-pregnancy, but you will definitely start to feel a difference to how you felt those first few weeks after birth.

The real good news is that you will start to feel less like that zombie you have become accustomed to!


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