The Hard Truth: Birth

The Hard Truth: Birth

 The Hard Truth: Birth

Before I start, when thinking about taking stuff with you to the hospital for your ‘big day’, the one thing I wish we would’ve taken was the baby grows with the foldable cuffs. The separate mitts you can buy are a waste of money as your baby will NEVER keep them on! If your little one is anything like mine they will try scratching their face to bits :-(. You can get the baby grows with the foldable cuffs from any decent shop, including Mothercare, Next, Marks and Spencer’s. Also, take a lot of maternity pads and breast pads. You will bleed a lot after the birth and your boobs will leak all over the place. Am I painting a pretty picture yet?

I will start by saying that again, everyone’s birthing experience is completely different. I had been told I might have had to have an elective caesarian. They then told me I didn’t need to have one so I didn’t do any reading up on c-sections.

No one had told me what to expect with the contractions. Absolute excruciating pain like I had never experienced before in my life.

All my best intentions of going drug-free were cried out of the window and when I was considered in “real” labour (which I found out is when you’re 4cm dilated), I bit their hand off for an epidural. It was AMAZING! At least it was for 10 hours. I then had to get the inducing hormone to bring on my last centimetre of dilation. This counteracted the epidural, which meant the dreaded contractions were back! I then pushed for an hour, to then be told I needed an emergency c-section!

I would advise that even if you plan on having a natural birth you do a bit of research on c-sections and the recovery. It really affects your first week at home.

Recovery from a c-section is hard! Especially when all you want to do is pick up your baby, but you cant get out of bed!

You should prepare for all eventualities (as much as you can).

Don’t forget though, birth is a finite experience. It does end and with the most amazing results you could ever wish for.

The different stages of childbirth are described in detail at the Babycentre.


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